Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surgery for Urinary leakage(GSI)

Yesterday was a good day after not so good previous day.I started my day with a surgery ,I really love to perform ,TVT and I have shared the pics with you guys to have a look.Then a chit chat.....gossip over hot cup of tea at the OT lounge with anaesthetist friends.Some one just mentioned,it is good to have nuisance value (oxymoron but none the less useful).There are some consultants who shout so much and get so nasty with others that not out of respect but by their sheer nuisance value you get your patients shifted to OT first,get them anaesthetised first and so on .The down side of not shouting and yelling as a surgeon when OT is really busy despit a scheduled operation you might get delayed if one such shouting consultant is in the OT and gets thing done out of turn.And then someone talked of 'Silk'......Dirty picture.SoI just decided that whatever it might take today I have to watch her.So I cancelled all my appointments to watch this movie.It is a good movie but this Lady silk drank so much of whisky,I felt like throwing up.the end was sad ,but that is how the life is.Anyways had to rush back home and then come back for evening OPD which finished just 2 hours late,

The following pictures are stills of Cystocele repair and TVTO ( a surgery for Genuine Stress incontinence) done at Max hospital ,Gurgaon

A post Subtotal hysterectomy,post caesarean patient with a small cystocele and GSI

So much blood from a small little cystocele.

It was little difficult to take the buttress suture due to distorted anatomy due to previous surgeries

Marking at the level of the clitoris

Dynamesh Applicator
Right sided applicator inserted in the trans obturator Canal

Dynamesh SIS pulled out on the right side

Left sided Mesh applicator

TVT at the bladder neck

Mesh trimmed off from both sides

Repaired Cystocele and corrected GSI

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