Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doctors Pretend to be busy

Doctors pretend to be busy while they are not..........I think this a knid of mindset which has set in amongst quite a large number of Gurgaon patients.Recently I found a positive review about a very good paediatrician and friend Siddharth Gogia.The blog writer loved the fact that he is attends the phone calls of anxious mothers day and night ,24 x7.So far so good!!
Then there was comment from the same writer which gave an impression that doctors say that they are busy and not attend to the phone calls when actually they aren't busy.I felt like leaving my comment on that.Then I counted till 10,played an arcade game and clicked away from that web page.
Few days later, two of my pregnant patients became fully dilated and started pushing side by side in adjacent labour rooms.The atmosphere was charged with emotion,action ,drama and what not.One of the patient actually found it totally filmy,as she told me very happily later.Now You can imagine a single me with two Ladies under my care ,in action together and both wished me and not any of my assistants to handle the delivery.On top of it my mobile was constantly ringing for appointments.To make the surcharged working atmosphere lighter I asked husband of one of the lady to work as my temporary secretary.He agreed gladly but was tired after a while answering the calls and in the mean time I conducted two deliveries myself.One of them wasn't a very easy delivery and needed a lot of effort like manual rotation of head,Ventouse,Patient not being able to push at all due to epidural but still complaining of labour pain.
Then Mr Singh came to me and accepted that from outside as a lay person they can't imagine the kind of work we are doing in hospitals.they don't appreciate the serious and sensitive nature of our job,our team work and why I always requested him to send me a text whenever he used to call me,
So next time when your doctor says that he or she is busy give him a benefit of doubt,as you will know the real truth only when any of your near or dear one is under the gentle care of these doctors that how busy they can be.

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