Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Feedback

I have seen many obnoxious online feed backs about doctors,hospitals and health care by a number of patients.

Now it is my turn to leave some not so positive feed backs about you.You might not like me for this but if you are unbiased person,may be you will be able to appreciate a doctors perspective as a human being.

How many of you will be comfortable about talking an abortion which you are planning on your dinning table in front of maybe your parents,10 year old son or a young nephew or a niece.I am sure not many of you can cross your heart and say 'bindas........I will be'!!!!!!!At 9.30 pm in the night what do you expect any normal human being including a gynaecologist  doing?May be having a dinner with the have missed your periods,you don't wish to continue with the pregnancy and you have tested it post dinner or pre dinner .So what should you do?Maybe take the next possible appointment and like a normal patient come to the OPD.You are too anxious and call me at 9.30 or 10 PM.At these hours I do pick the calls as I expect a patient to be in a real emergency.And you are,who wish to discuss with me the finest possible details of hows and whys of a termination of your pregnancy.I hold my disgust and try to answer you calmly but that isn't enough.You wish to know further details.And finally I have to tell you in a curt tone that I am sitting with my son on the dinning table.So Deepti and Deepali .........please forgive me for that curt tone but you pushed me to do that just an hour back.

If you have an appointment for 4.45 PM and you turn up at 6.10 PM what am I supposed to do?In a normal days,I would accommodate you.But what if at reception you have been told that today I won't be able to see any patient after 6 pm,what is expected from you?Maybe to come tomorrow if it is not an emergency or if it is an emergency to either see another doctor or get examined in the Max emergency.But force yourself in.Front desk staff is always very scared of your negative feedback.Their job  might be in danger because of your one small complaint.Then the OPD nurse also informed you the inability but still you don't have any consideration and you are inside my OPD.Not something which I would do as a patient . so Neha.........Please......

Now I am already delayed by the time I am off my OPD chamber......It is already 6.30PM and I should be at my son's school to pick him up(not an evening school,rehearsals for form evening).I am waiting at the hospital gate  for my driver to get the car from the parking.And ' M'(Your name is uncommon so to protect your confidentiality I won't write the complete name) you spot me on your way to get a Tetanus vaccination which I had prescribed 10 days back.My face reminds you of the forgotten prescription at home.Would you reach a movie hall without your tickets.Then why so much callousness for your health and your attitude towards doctors?You wish me to write it afresh while still standing at the hospital entrance.I tell you the real rush I am in.You disappear for a fraction of second,reappear waving a piece of blank paper and pen in front of me.I just wonder........I am not yet a celebrity enough for you to have my autograph .Then you tell me....Sorry doctor ,please prescribe it for me.Sorry once again.In the meantime my driver has arrived and waiting.I can actually see no regret for your behaviour on your face.I don't see any evidence of  you being sorry.You don't mean it.I know you husband does.........he is quite embarrassed.And I did blurt out...........yes you ought to be sorry ,as I can imagine my son standing in school in dark thinking of his irresponsible mother who is by now already 30 minutes late. You guys don't value doctors time........for you we are just scribbling few lines and minting money.Who sees the hard work.These were two other sentences which followed.

All this happened in a single day from 6.10PM to 10.12 PM, 4 of you educated sensible ladies,behaving in not so sensible manner...............

All of you are hard pressed for time but if you can take that essential time to go for you time bound facilities like a bank or school or a frivilous movie,why do you take your doctor or your own health fore granted?

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