Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early Pregnancy Bleed

Complications occur most commonly during the first trimester of the Pregnancy.Sorry it negates your mom in Law's theory that the 7 month is most crucial.BTW why is 7th month crucial?Anyone has any answers??
Mostly in pregnancy the complications are bleeding,pain or both.
Vaginal bleeding takes place in 20 % of  clinically diagnosed pregnancy.
Almost 15 to 20 % of clinically recognized pregnancy end in miscarriage.
With a bleeding in 1st trimester the following prognosis is expected
  • 30 % will miscarry
  • 10 to 15 % will have ectopic pregnancy
  • 0.2 % will have hydatiform mole.
  • 5% of the women will terminate the pregnancy
  • The remaining 50 % will continue beyond 20 weeks.

Scary but true!!And that is also the reason after one miscarriage one should not loose one's heart as Pregnancy is a wasteful process and pregnancies which pass the stringent quality control test of nature reach upto term with a successful outcome.

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