Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost 30 years of life instead of a 15 minutes surgey

Yesterday Operated on a Lady with prolonged History of leakage of urine since ages now,
Next day of the surgery she commented.''I can't believe that I wasted my 30 years for just a 15 minutes surgery''.Felt emotional and had a sense of gratification.Here s one person whose life will change 180 degrees Her surgery was TVTO.........a very simple urogynaecological procedure.

Quite a few gynaecologists who visit Max as Visiting consultant wished to know from my associates if I do it myself or call a urosurgeon ? In this stage of   my competence a urologist is not required by me,
But at the beginning you can surely take help from a urologist if you wish to learn.One surgery which gives me maximum satisfaction.........more than TLH.Here the patient who otherwise is absolutely fit comes out of adult nappies and diapers.They start enjoying their life,

I learnt it from a gynaecologist Mr Klazinga.In fact am planning to talk with Dynamesh people to start a preceptorship Programme where in fact I can teach the anatomy and physiology of the TVTO

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