Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maids and women health

I have a small consultation chamber at my residence.It is abuzz with activities of Pregnant females,their husbands and at times Sasu maas on Monday and Friday evenings when I don't have an evening OPD at Max.Mamta my super efficient house keeper doubles up as my receptionist as well.So many times I thought of employing a secretary but had to drop the idea as never got an approval from Mamta.
Now having a decent maid in Gurgaon is a real problem.These pregnant females who prefer to come to my clinic instead of Max Gurgaon very quickly realize the potential of mamta.They defer the counselling with me for a few minutes as they are desperately asking her for a maid.Some of them are so desperate to the embarrassment of their poor husband's they try to Poach Mamta as well as Dulal my driver.I can understand for a working lady who would be a mother very soon......poaching a maid is the most integral part of her health care.What if it is from  her doctors place?These Ladies are willing to pay any crazy sum of money........
Thank God.....Mamta is sensible.She values the money as well as the love,affection and freedom she gets at my place and that  insures that my health remains in order.She giggles and tells me the exploits off all my patients who have tried to poach her.Now courtesy Mamta.I have Rupa as well at home......And dulal the driver is being paid double the salary of local Gurgaon driver.So dear patients....next time you make a visit please please don't try to imbalance my health..........It is very important that I should be in a good health to take care of you ladies :-)) !!


Ishita said...

hi Doctor! This was a truly rib tickling post. It is great to see how you balance such serious work with humour. :) Keep writing!

Rahmath said...

:) Funny. I will remember this for future.