Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pregnancy folder

With an easy access of Internet people are quite well informed about the conditions they have been diagnosed with and in fact I find it quite helpful from a doctors perspective.I don't have to do much counselling as for most of the gynaecological conditions as they are already 75 % informed.
But Pregnancy is a totally different ball game.Young couples try to google out every possible keywords associated with Pregnancy and imply all of it on themselves.It causes a lot of confusion,restless nights,unnecessary visits to the doctor and of course unnecessary phone calls as well to the doctor.
In an attempt to overcome this problem I have come out with a Pregnancy folder for all my patients .This folder contains the answers to almost 225 FAQs,a diet chart,a exercise plan,antenatal Progress card ,list of investigations, patient information leaflet on Instrumental delivery and caesarean section.
I would request you to read your folder sincerely.I still get calls from my patients about the answers already enlisted in the folder.I have done some hard work for you and request you to help yourself by going through these questions.
PS : In future if you ask me a question  answered in the folder I will not repeat the answers to you and will just recommend to read the folder.Hope that will save both of us with lots of constructive energy.
If I come across new questions from you I shall update it in the new printouts of the folder.

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