Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The woes of being Size O( not size 0)

Rather than a simple weight in Kgs or Lbs,a BMI (Body mass Index) is a better measurement of weight.The ideal BMI is 19 to 25.It is very simple to calculate and in these modern day smart phones you get plenty of apps which can calculate your BMI.

If you think that you are on the heavier side,check your BMI and if it is more than 30 you need HELP!!!!!!Don't shy away from taking that help.

Why should you take this help?For a lot many reasons,but here I will just mention those problems which you anticipate during Pregnancy

How can it affect you?
  1. It increases the chance of blood clot formation(thrombosis) during Pregnancy.
  2. You are more prone to develop Hypertension of Pregnancy or Pregnancy induced Hypertension which can complicate the Pregnancy badly.
  3. Your risk of developing Gestational Diabetes increases manifold.
  4. You are more prone to Vit D deficiency
How does it affect you baby?
  1. Your baby has 3 fold increase risk of having neural tube defect
  2. The risk of miscarriages increase by 5 to 10 %
  3. The risk of still birth is more
  4. Baby's are more likely to be more than 4 kgs,which shouldn't be taken as a compliment as a 'Healthy baby' in your case
  5. These babies are at increased risk of diabetes and Obesity later in their life.

How does it affect the labour and delivery ?
  1. The chances of preterm delivery increases
  2. The labour can be quite prolonged,
  3. You are more likely to end up with a caesarean section.
  4. The caesarean section wound might take a longer time to heal.
  5. Your caesarean section might be more complicated
  6. There is increased risk of postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) ie post delivery very heavy bleeding.

I think if you have a BMI more than 30 and if you are thinking of planning a baby this post might come across little depressing.If you say it hasn't depressed you then it would actually depress me.
I wish you to understand the downside of eating unhealthy.And no,not everything is lost.I wish to help you.I wish to see you through a healthy pregnancy and delivery and aftermath,but for that both of us need to be highly motivated.If you promise to cooperate,in my next post will talk about those methods and lifestyle if practiced preconceptionally can decrease the risk associated with your pregnancy immensely.


Anonymous said...

hello doc
i want to know about placenta previa and its grades. does it neccesarily means C-section?

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...
Please follow the above mentioned link
In posterior level 1 PP normal delivery is possible but I don't think many gynaecologists would be comfortable with trying it.