Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Money minded doctors

Hi everyone.......Good to be back after days and now weeks.Initially it was work and then some play(vacation) which kept me away from you.
Thought of giving my perspective of 'money minded doctor'......and I am sure it will help you too.Few doctor friends might not like it as much but that is OK because they are anyways in minority and who would openly accept that they are the'money minded doctor'.
I have read in many forums,sites etc etc......xyz doctor is money minded or not money minded? What do you mean by that?Without exception all the doctors in corporate hospitals are 'money minded doctors' including Me!!No single person is working for charity.I work hard,I work honestly but at the end of the day I wish to earn money just like anyone of you like it.I wish to buy the best designer labels for me........and why not?I know that my profession is such that I have to make money out of your suffering but that is nature of my job.Majority of doctors fall in this category.....work hard and earn more.
Now at times we doctors also tend to behave human just like any other profession and look for easy money.Majority of the doctors don't fall into the category I am about to describe.At times there are surgeries which are unindicated or in grey zone where a self control is required because as a patient even if you have googled a lot you can't decide whether a surgery or a more conservative option is better for you.Your doctor can help you in coming to a decision and sometimes the money gets better of us.There are referral fees for Ultrasounds and investigations.(Though good ultrasonologists don't give such referral fee and depend on their expertise for the patients and same with the labs).BTW I don't take referral fees as a principle as it is good for my self esteem and ego which is equally important as money.It also makes me feel different.........and I love the feeling of being different.It sounds very egoist but have always accepted in life that modesty isn't my strong points.Ok..........so doctors usually don't get you unnecessarily investigated because they get referral fees but they might have preference for a particular diagnostic centre based on their monetary equations with them.At times you are subjected to lots of investigations,not because doctor is money minded.........they are being defensive,to protect themselves legally.It does leave a hole in your pocket but then in some way you are also responsible for it.Patients can get really aggressive if things go wrong and in hindsight can ask why didn't you get xyz investigation to begin with(Which obviously might not have been indicated initially.......so the doctors play safe).
Prolonging the stay in hospital......at times it is actually required and if communicated properly patients do understand.Touch wood till date no patient has ever had a problem on this account with me.They understood that it was required.At times it is not required but again doctor isn't money minded but scare and over cautious.And yes can't deny there are doctors who won't mind making few more bucks by keeping you in for a while .How will you know that..........well you won't most of the times or even if you know what can you do.Not much........I realize in my day to day how i am taken for ride in different spheres of life......I know it and take it with pinch of salt and so can you.

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