Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fat to Fab !!

It is not an uncommon scenario where Ladies ask me for a miracle pill to loose weight.Actually there is no such wonder drug yet.There are quick fix surgeries for morbidly obese people......called bariatric surgery.Once upon a time it used to be a very specialized surgery done by just very selected number of Gastrointistinal surgeons.Slowly it is becoming more common done by increasing number of surgeons that it would become common as Laparoscopic removal of gall bladder.Doctors or patients can have a totally different opinion about it..........but in my opinion it is a surgery which one is better off without it provided you can.If you have been so very fond of food to have gained tons of fat.......sorry then this is the only option but it changes your life,both for good and also for bad.
second option is cosmetic surgery.....VASER,Liposuction etc.that works well only for those who are not fat but have abnormal fat deposition in some particular area.Surgeries should best be avoided and the same goes for these cosmetic surgeries.But still if that makes you happy you can opt for a cosmetic procedure as it won't be a life changing experience.
Finally comes the most healthy option and the most difficult one as well.Healthy eating and exercise.I was motivated to write this post as in front of me is a small child who by his sheer dint of determination is turning from fat to fab.He motivates me and I thought of sharing his story with you all........who don't accept that they eat unhealthy,even if they accept they find a way to justify that unhealthy eating and are resilient to come out of bad life style.
My son.......11 years old a academically brilliant child and with so many positives to him had a major issue till few weeks back.He loved junk food and he didn't like to play outdoor sports.Now not being blessed with very active metabolism he started putting weight.He was bullied.....occasionally by his friends ,which left him teary and at times by people at home as well who could not find any other reason to pull him down.His eating would attract even sarcasm at home by people who themselves weren't as healthy.About 6 weeks back I decided to do something about it.We went to a nearby outlet of Ms Shikha Sharma.There was this dietician Ms Medha.........who started guiding my son with his diet.In between Mr Dogra whom I had met on the soccer grounds of my son's school had motivated me to get him enrolled in BIFA.A Brazilian academy for soccer.Mr Dogra's sons also go to the same academy.The diet and exercise regime started together.This kid showed immense determination and in 6 weeks has already knocked off 6 kgs.Most importantly he has developed a habit of eating healthy.When eating out now he asks for a subway salad while his peer groups or even elders go for a Pizza or a burger.He has to loose another 4 kgs......and he stands a Fab young man.I am sure if he can ,you all who wish to loose your fat can also do so.
Last but not the least my special thanks to Mamta,my housekeeper(who incidentally is on leave these days) who cooked all sorts of healthy diet chillas and upmas etc as advised by Ms Medha .
Picture courtsey fattofab.blogspot.com

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