Monday, May 28, 2012

Forgot to bring my purse

Just an incident.......I leave the interpretation on you.Last Monday since morning I got frequent calls from one Mr Tiwari.He wished to see me at my clinic and not at Max Hospital.There are many such patients who prefer the clinic to the hospital.Usually my appointments for Monday and Friday the two evenings when I am at my clinic at Arjung Marg is full by two days in advance.As he showed real urgency I agreed for a 7.00 PM appointment for his 39 weeks + Pregnant wife.He called me at 7.00 Pm to confirm if I was at my clinic.He told me he would be slightly late .I asked him to come on time as I don't have a AC in the waiting area and I don't wish the patients who come on time to keep on waiting in heat because someone else was not on time.He told me.....he can't promise that he would be on time.Then he reached at 8.15 PM.then he told me that his wife was about to deliver with EDC on 25 th may.He was visiting Elchemist Hospital.Gynaecologist there had suggested a caesarean for a cord around the neck of the  baby.As many a ladies working at his office had delivered under me he was there to get a second opinion as he realized that' I was the best gynaecologist around'(His words).Then he told me that he would like to get the delivery done at Artemis hospital but the opinion will be mineAs I was a busy doctor I obviously won't have time to conduct normal delivery of his wife.Crrraapp.......Finally he said after 30 mnts of consultation,so  I have to pay you the fees as well.I don't have the purse.What do I do?I said there is an ATM near by and he said I haven't brought the purse.It sounded cheap to create scene ,so I said ok come tomorrow anytime and make the payment at my home.Some one would be there.
Till date he hasn't turned up with that RS 600 and still Doctors are called money minded :-)).I feel conned and cheated.So how will I treat the next patient?Naturally will ask for the fees first and then proceed with the consultation.Sad part is majority of the patients are not like him.They don't con and thus coz of an occasional  patient not so fair experience don't wish to loose faith in patients,but that is the other side of the story.A doctors perspective!!
When Heard Aamir Khan on Satymaev compelled to write this post.And When you put an allegation on a doctor that the doctor wasn't qualified enough,why don't you check in the first place.It is quite easy to do.Just ask the persons qualification preoperatively,check online the significance of those degrees...........If you can do these researches when things go wrong why not use caution preoperatively? Saw just a part of it........someone did a renal transplant and Pancreatic transplant together.Well there has to be a reason for pancreatic transplant.These two surgeries are not like a delivery or hysterectomy......they are major major surgeries.Really naive on the patients part if they are educated and still don't do their homework properly.And 8 Lakhs for such kind of surgery and the hospital expenses and the blood involved is actually very cheap..........I saw the jaws of the audience drop down on hearing an expense of 8 Lakhs..........When you listen an Aaamir Khan or a Salman khan or a Sharukh khan getting crores for shaking their legs( A frivolous activity in my opinion),even then is your expression the same?????Do you ever realize how much a doctor has slogged to reach where that person is.Do you realize that they were the toppers of their batches who spent years studying and then getting trained to deal with such a critical thing as human life.Have you ever thought why those doctors who behave in slightly 'unethical' manner do so?Do you know how much medical care costs in USA or European Countries?Do you know what are the consultation charges of private practitioners there?
I would certainly not wish my son to be a doctor......A talent should not go waste...........He should be in a industry where he doesn't have to spend more than 10 to 12 years  to study,survive on meagre stipends ,be in such a high strung profession and still all the time run the risk of being called money minded,greedy,unethical.Not fair at all!! We do run the risk of having substandard doctors in future.......if that is how our society behaves........because of Litigations Australia has shortage of local doctors.In UK local doctors prefer to become a GP and leave their main stream as a specialist.

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