Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little words of appreciation,which matter a lot

Dear Dr. Kaushiki,

Thank you very much for solving my problem. Life has become so much better, with all the inconvenience and the cause of constant embarrassment disappearing totally. I really wish you had done this for me earlier, fully endorsing your prediction of the feeling of 'a change of life'.

I am honestly surprised why people like me keep suffering when there is an easy remedy for it in medical science, and in the deft hands of the saviors like you. I wish somehow more of the sufferers would become aware of it. I will try to do my bit through the face book.

Once again thanks a lot. Do let me know if and when I should come over for a checkup.

Warm Regards
A Gupta


Ruby Claire said...

My husband works in Travel, and much of the time he travels. I am trying to find little way to tell him that how much i love him.

Sheila burnett


Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Hi little confused Are you 'Ruby claire' or 'Sheila burnett'?
As Ruby claire is not an active blogger while google search shows that Ms Burnett is a very enthusiastic blogger.Why have you used both the names in same comments?