Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy

Urinary tract infection in pregnancy is a commonly encountered condition in pregnancy which needs urgent attention.It is more common in pregnancy due to dilatation of the upper renal ( kidney) tract.About 4 to 7 % of Pregnant women develop asymptomatic bacteuria ( presence of bacteria and pus cells in urine without any obvious symptoms) and of these 40% will develop symptomatic UTI in pregnancy.Cystitis (Infection of bladder ) is present in 1 % of pregnant ladies while acute swelling and infection of kidney (pyelonephritis) complicates 1-2 % of pregnancies.
If you a have any of these following conditions you are more prone to UTI in Pregnancy
Previous History of UTI,diabetes,Treatment with steroids or immunosuppresives,urinary stones and other renal diseases .
as a part of routine ANC check up,Urine ( R and M) is tested to rule out any infection.Those with increased risk of UTI should have more frequent Urine tests.Typical Presenting features of infection are pain in lower abdomen and loin,increased frequency of urination,painful urination,burning while passing urine,blood in the urine,fever,chills,vomiting etc.
UTI whether symptomatic or asymptomatic can lead to preterm labour pains and possibly a growth restricted baby as well,if not promptly treated.
A positive urine ( R and M) should be followed up with a urine ( Culture and sensitivity).A mid stream urine sample should be taken to avoid contamination with bacteria present on skin.
A positive bacteuria needs treatment.For asymptomatic infection the antibiotics are prescribed for 3 days,while acute bladder infection needs the medication for 7 days.
Those having more severe infection ( pyelonephritis) can need antibiotics uptp 14 days along with intravenous fluid to prevent Preterm labour.Kidney function and Ultrasound of Kidney,ureter and bladder is also advised. 15 % of women can have recurrent infection.
General lifestyle changes are to drink 2.5 to 3 lts of water everyday,to clean from front to back ( ie from where to pee towards from where you poo) and one should try to pas ueinr after each act of intercourse.
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Britney said...

I am 31 and have had 5-6 UTI's in the past 6 months. The first, second and third times they did a urine test and it showed UTI. Never had one before, am very clean and am not sexually active. Now I have seen a urologist and am waiting 3-4 weeks to get tests done. I have abdominal pain especially in lower left side, back pain, discomfort when peeing but not burning, and blood in urine. I'm using ADULT DIAPERS.Can you tell me what it may be. I think I may have ovarian cysts or something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!