Monday, May 14, 2012

Vicky Donor

Feeling very lethargic and sleepy and not yet ready for my OPD which starts in another 30 minutes.Reason being 'Vicky Donor'.Please don't get me wrong......It was just a late night show of the movie that I watched yesterday followed by a early morning delivery which I had to attend.Everyone is talking of this movie as a good a movie even I would agree that it was an entertaining one.But as a woman I am not sure whether I would be so cool with the idea of my partner donating the sperm.My husband found it quite ok........just like blood donation,but then as a female I would not be very comfortable with the whole idea.May be it is just my perception and I agree that I lack that feeling of social serviceMaybe other ladies feel differently.May be you folks are ok to share your partners semen for a social cause.Do share the ideas.Will help me in realizing that I am abnormal after all.......... :-)
And most importantly Ladies who have 'tubal blockage',please don't get upset after watching this movie.You can surely conceive if your partner is as fertile or even less fertile than 'Vicky donor'.It can happen very easily with IVF.Consult a good IVF expert.
After 3 idiots........Vaccum delivery is much easy to explain to my patients and they accept it also very easily.That just proves the power of cinema.Didn't wish the ladies with 'Tubal Blockage' to feel doomed after watching the movie.
Good one though for some fun!!   


Rahmath said...

I would not like my partner to donate sperm too maybe because unlike blood sperm has a capability of becoming a human being- the child of ones' partner and it is a huge responsibility. I don't think being uncomfortable with the concept is abnormal. Well if it is you have company :)

Have a nice day :)

Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Thanks.......asked two of my friends at work and even they didn't seem cool about the idea.So may be we are not abnormal!!

DeeC said...

Finally someone who actually said something other than the blind acceptance about the movie.I.m a doctor myself and I definitely don't like the movie.s concept of ' noble cause of sperm donation'. Sperm banks in India cannot legally approach a person for sperm donation. Its highly unlikely that a single person.s sperm sample can be used for all couples with the doctor lying about it. Plus as you know sperm samples need to be frozen for 6 months before being used. One does not get a car mobile and house renovations done just by being a sperm donor and frankly I think this promotes a negative aspect of the actual cause of sperm donation for young jobless men to think of it as a way out. But overall I think it appeals to the male ego to go on spree and spread their sperm around as this is the ultimate show of male dominance. And I would definitely not be ok with my man doing this even though I consider myself pretty open minded. I.m astounded at the stupidity of
the film and the naive attitude of the so called educated Indian .

sonu said...

haha...yes you would think since it was a film about assisted reproduction and sperm donation, they would have done their research about it. They tell the actress that she can never have a baby because of tubal, when IVF is commonly used for this very purpose. Even if her tubes are blocked, she is still producing eggs which can be harvested by IVF.