Thursday, May 31, 2012

We unethical Indian doctors

For a second let us agree for the sake of argument that  the Indian doctors are a bunch of unethical,money sucking,blood sucking monsters.As per the study Conducted by revered Mr Aamir Khan none of us deserve to be on the list of MCI including Dr Devi Shetty and Dr Puneet Bedi and all who were present in that episode oF Satyamev Jayate.Then 'tera kya hoga kaliya'?Common man for whom Satyavadi harishcandra Aamir Khan jee maharaj is fighting for.......can you afford to go to UK to get your treatment done.Where the health system is so over burdened that there is a huge waiting list for every disease.Aamir khan can go to get his fillers and botox done to UK,USA or where ever he wants to go He can afford it as one thumka of his is worth a crore.He can purchase a womb for his wife.Can the aam adami do that?
My Point is you don't have any option but to deal with us Indian doctors.No system is full proof not even UK system( I know the loop holes of that system as well and can tell it publicly if needed.........How doctors behave in an unethical manner there........when doctors take sick leave when they are not actually sick.....very benign example......have many more to speak about).Indian Medical system is just a reflection of our society which has both good and bad professionals every where.

Don't get scared........Don't feel insecure..............Don't look at your doctor with suspicion...........they are not alike.It is for your own good as it isn't a very pleasant situation to be in when you have handed over your own health to someone whom you can't trust.It isn't as bad as Aamir Khan made it sound.He has to sell his serial..............but a patient doctor relationship is very delicate relationship and if only he had tried to project the correct PICTURE to the public it would have been better for the public, as you realize at the end of the day you have to trust the Indian doctor.If all of us are sacked from where will Indian healthcare import doctors?We are no UK,USA or Australia where doctors from third world countries will come to work with such bad salaries .HAVE FAITH!!


Rajguru said...

I am not bothered here wht IMA thinks about it, they r bothered here that this awareness might bring their margins lower. IMA need not to worry bcoz goverment is sleeping n will not take any step to do so. lMA sleep nicely n continue doing dirty job.

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

I don't know what awareness you are talking about?And who is worried about IMA,IMC,Aamir khan,Satyamev Jayate.........We work hard...........which dirty job are you talking about?That we give oursleepless night to save people like you.....people like tiwari mentioned in my earlier post who won't reach a movie hall without their purse but will come to a doctor and after consultation will shamelessley say that they have forgotten their purse at home.
Do you even know what the fact it??
And chalo I agree what ever Amir khan said applies to every doctor including me......what is your way out.Is he sponsoring your healthcare in future so that you can visit so ethical doctor in some ethical foreign country.
Have faith or don't have faith choice is yours......

devils isle said...

Well said Dr Kaushiki. I adore your blog, came acroos when I was reading the disheartening story of my mentor Dr Sridhar. Very string writing and comment. I am in the US and training in the health system here. I come across so many flaws, people are very tolerant even our own countrymen. Shame on our own people degrading WITHOUT PROOF OR SCIENTIFIC DATA.This discourages youth from going back to India after overseas training.