Sunday, July 15, 2012

reminiscence of my internet journey

After passing my MRCOG  from London I took a conscious decision to move to India.That was Nov 2006 when I became a member of Royal college.By Feb 2007 I had been shortlisted and eventually selected to be a senior consultant at Max Hospital,Gurgaon.It was my conscious decision again to try for a job here while still in UK as it improves your market value.In August 2007 I had joined the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Max hospital ,Gurgaon.There were 5 other consultants all of whom had some base in Delhi and Gurgaon since last many years.I was the new comer.No one knew Max Gurgaon and no one Knew me.First month I conducted 2 deliveries and performed one removal of uterus.OPD was negligible.It was quite demoralizing as consultants who had been practicing in Gurgaon since last 6/7 years, they had still some patients.I used to go in a situation of self doubt if the decision taken by me was right or wrong i.e to come back to India.
Then in 2008 I had plenty of time to study and then time to think about a website too.That is how I thought of my current website had no clue about how to get a domain etc.Non Medical friends helped and I was ready with a website.Slowly website helped me.Patient's used to some to me due to website but then it was up to me to retain them.And over the years it helped,many of my patients are internet savvy people,who leave good comments and that encourages others as well to visit me.In between I started this blog which again was liked immensely by readers.My another website through which I wished to show case my Laparoscopic skills was plagued with problems from the very beginning.It took me many hours to collate the material for the site edit videos etc.This site was a hot favourite with Hackers and was hacked most of the time.Though it was retrieved with great difficulty by a friend of mine it could never be what I wished it to be.
Now I think it is time to update my current website.
Two calls from educated and sensible middle aged and slightly elderly Ladies have made me think about this change.Both of them had visited my site and they thought that I most probably treated just young ladies and Pregnancies but was not treating elderly ladies and their problems.I understand that I made a website in 2008 as per my understanding which has changed  in 4 years and of course that perception needs to reflect in my website too.
I think I  am a  OBSTETRICIAN who enjoys delivering babies,but at the same time I think I am not a bad gynaecologist .I have equal interest in menopause,postmenopausal symptoms and treatment,Postmenopausal bleed,heavy bleeding,fibroids,endometriosis,Ovarian cysts ,both benign and cancerous,Vaginal prolapse,Incontinence of urine,Adolescent problems.So feel free to contact me for any women health related issue .I am not exclusive to Pregnancy ;-)

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