Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Musical chairs at Gurgaon

Returning back after some gap.Lots of things to keep me away from you.Some personal and some professional.
With opening of yet another corporate hospital in the vicinity,the doctors in Gynaecology are playing musical chairs.
Someone is moving from sector 14 to HUDA City Center.Some one moving from HUDA city center to HUDA City Center.Someone has decided to move from one part of sushant Lok  to another part of shushant Lok .Others yet deciding.And how can I forget docs from all over the Delhi are also joining the game. I also got few invitations to play this game of musical chairs.For a while I thought of it and then the question was after all why?
I am a satisfactory doctor with a busy schedule.My Hospital by and large is good to me.They might not think me yet old enough to be the HOD but they don't deny that I do my job well and are appreciative of it.
Anyways ,just to let the readers know that in near future for a while you might not be able to find your gynaecologists at their usual hospital but don't loose hope and keep on searching.You will find them near by in one or another hospital playing Musical Chairs ;-)
Can't be more candid or I run the risk of being boycotted by all these hospitals.Lol.

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