Saturday, August 11, 2012

Three unrelated tweets!!

Today I feel like sharing three incidences,all very different,unrelated and even not even related to women health.

first one happened yesterday night.A patient of mine delivered during the day and as per protocol I asked the nurse to take off her IV Cannula.Following an uneventful vaginal delivery,no rationale to have a foreign body in anyones body.The nurse insisted that it was a medical policy and she can't take it out till the patient was discharged.I lost my control.She was really reluctant to take it out but ultimately took it out.When we came out of the room,she told me that we nurses have decided to put a cannula in a patients hand till patient is discharged as when they have a cannula in ,it will work like an identity tag and patient can't run away without payment.Poor thing what she didn't underdstand was that a person who has to run away can also take out the cannula himself/herself.

second one....I took an off from my OPD as was feeling really tired.But in morning had 2 deliveries and a minor surgery to perform.Was free by 12 noon and while awaiting at the reception for my driver I heard a conversation between a patient and front desk staff .I wish to show my son to a orthopaedician.The help desk Lady informed that the consultant was on leave due to janamasthami.That gentle man on leave?How can they be on leave?.As I was standing near by,I smiled and told him that as doctors are also human they can celebrate Janamasthami if they wish to.To which he smiled back,but then he for sure had made the front desk staff feel guilty.You can certainly show to the doctor in emergency who is providing ortho emergency cover.

Lastly.....feeling really tired and drained I went to a spa at DT Mega mall.While returning back near Sikanderpur circle found two hatta katta, jaat boys in their twentees were kicking and beating a sardarji in his late fourties or early fifties.Didn't seem like a car accident.Both of them had small cars.One of the jaat boy had a big Tatto like Saif ali khan on his hand.They were beating the other man mercilessley.He was requesting them to leave him and was crying for help.No one came in the front.My driver stopped me but I went to them to request them to leave the poor fellow.They pretended as if they have not even seen me while constantly they were abusing those who even requested them to stop this nonsense.Ultimately I moved from there and dialled 100.Don't know whether they arrived on time or not??

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