Friday, September 7, 2012

Doctors don't always write investigations to make money

On Monday I shall be doing a completion  cancer surgery on a woman on whomn I did a surgery 10 days back.I have mentioned about this Lady in my earlier post as well.
52 years old lady,detected with both sided Ovarian cyst with normal tumor markers.....declined Frozen section.Frozen section tells about any organ being cancerous or not so that one can proceed for the extensive cancer surgery.
But that this lady didn't distrust me but thought why to spend on frozen section and if in case it is a cancer the money on cancer surgery.I opted to reduce my surgical fees........which was actually peanuts in comparison to he whole estimated bill at hospital.So she ended with a TAH +BSO ( removal of uterus and ovary)Despite bad adhesions I managed to take the cysts out with capsules intact......just in case.And it turned out to be a cancer.
Then I sent her to Medanta to a very well known medical oncologist for a second opinion regarding a need for completion surgery or a direct chemotherapy.
The Medanta oncologist asked her to get operated at his place.
Anyways she has returned back to me and on monday we are planning an extensive staging Laparotomy.
If only she had trusted that doctor would suggest a test only if needed she would have been saved of great amount of money and post op discomfort.
This is just and example..........there are many such.Will keep on updating on the blog .............not to justify the doctors or myself but to let you understand that health is a serious issue take it seriously!!
And yes........please all of you get your health insurances done.Treatment at quality hospital by quality doctors in India is quite costly.

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