Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How reliable are online feed backs?

Have you ever been a part of any matrimonial or dating site?May be yes.Have you ever come across a fake profile?Looks to kill,job profile which few can match ,family background .....you don't have words to compare.And finally you realize it is a 100% fake profile created for a time pass or if not fake a lot of information is morphed.

Now coming to online reviews of doctors.......are they to be 100% believed or should you disbelieve it or take it with a pinch of salt?There is this one site where the blog master has very painstakingly tried to give an overview and published reviews of various people about different aspects of Gurgaon.And in my opinion he is doing a good job.There is one section there on Gurgaon Gynaecologists as well.Recently there was one Lady who shared her concern if what is shared in the blog are actual reviews or just promoted a few gynaecologists.There are a few positive reviews about me too on that site and thus I feel my moral obligation to answer this question.And people do come to me reading those reviews.

I personally don't know the blog owner .His favoured gynaecologist is someone else and not me and even at the cost of irking him I would say that he surely has a biased attitude for her but the reason is simple.....he is satisfied by his wife's Gynaecologist.Just like anyone of you he is entitled to his opinions and feed backs and it might be so that he might slightly favour her by deleting not so favourable feed backs about her.Coming to me....as my online presence is quite significant due to multiple reasons.....one I like to be online and communicate with my patients.Secondly in Gurgaon it is a very good marketing option due to huge number of net savvy people.Thus my patients are also quite net savvy and I do have an advantage that they are their to give their feed backs.Of course it has it's disadvantages too....if someone is dissatisfied there is a good chance that I would get bad reviews online as again, a vocal online person will give a negative feedback too.

Now the question is whether to trust these feed backs or not?Please take it with a pinch of salt.These online reviews are just one way of finding required information.Try to find people in real world and not virtual world only who can give you feed backs.Try to ask the concerned hospitals.Try to find the educational qualification and experience of your doctor.There might be actually many good doctors who don't have a good online presence.

If I wish to give false and fake reviews I can do so.No blog master can stop me despite his /her best efforts to keep me from giving fake reviews even if he/she wants to publish only genuine reviews.I can ask 10 different friends and relatives to use 10 different ids/IP addresses/computers and write  reviews sitting at 10 different parts of the world.Where ever I travel I can myself use different Ids at different cities to write it all myself.Who needs even friends or relatives for that.It is still much cost effective than spending Lakhs on marketing.Do you think that blog master would be able to say for sure whether it is a genuine review or one prompted by me???Same goes for anyone..........

HAPPY SURFING :-) :-)   


Shefali Tiwari said...

hello mam :) hope you are doing good.. i love reading your blog and i check it everyday for updates! Its added to my bookmarks now.

I too came to you after reading your review somewhere on net and I am glad I did. You are an amazing person and that shows in your profession as well.

I am an extremely net savvy person and i am online most of the time. Last year i went to another gynae after reading amazing reviews about her and i had the worst and the most rude experience and i would never ever go to her even if she sees me or treats me for free. I know this is an extreme case. I just wanted to mention this so that people don't follow the net blindly. Ofcourse i found you here and i think i was really lucky in this case :) Net is wonderful if used intelligently.

Lots of love & regards :)

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Thanks Shefali for your super kind words.
I hope you and your husband are well too.
I am sure there might be patients who might not have found me upto the mark as well because you can't satisfy everyone.But yes I try my best to be honest and ethical towards my profession.
Love and best wishes.