Saturday, October 27, 2012

Construction of new Vagina following a 'mutilating' surgery

I wish to share with my blog readers are very unusual case,not very commonly seen.
A Lady in her late twenties visited me from Panipat.Her relative who is an old patient of mine had brought her to me.
The history was that this Lady had a Normal Vaginal delivery about 2 years back.After that some obstruction was foundat the vaginal opening which the gynaecologist conducting normal delivery had agreed to correct.Having lost their faith,the couple went to another doctor and then never took any treatment for two years till when they started planning for second child.The Lady found the sex excruciatingly painful and penetration wasn't adequate and thus they came to Max hospital ,Gurgaon to meet me.
When I examined I found a very shallow vagina with some curtain or wall kind of structure within an inch of the mouth of the vagina.
I planned to operate her next day and what I found was amazing.There was a thick secondary septum due to fibrosed tissue with a pin head size opening.Perineum was tight.I slowly dilated,corrected and refashioned her vagina along with correcting the perineal tightness by Fentons procedure.After clearing the septum,I found that the cervix was also stuch to the vaginal wall.

I don't know the reason why something like this should happen in a lady who had a vaginal delivery not long back unless she had some severe infection or the vagina was closed too tight.So whatever might be the reason.I felt happy after correcting her problem as it must have been a living hell for her.

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