Friday, October 12, 2012

I thought I was very intelligent......but not any further

My head is spinning badly.It is 54 minutes past midnight and I am here solving a real life drama and mystreyIt looks some suspense movie starring Kareena and saif..As if I already hadn't enough on my platter.
On 15th of september after interview of two young ladies around 25yrs of age ,I employed a well qualified girl to be my practice manager ( Secretary).She was from Banglore and a MSc in Biotechnology and wishing to make it big in the corporate world.Both these girls were fine but the one I selected looked every inch a Hizab covered Muslim Girl from Banglore as she should have looked,Very decent and degnified.My clinic wasn't yet ready so I started bringing her to Max.The idea was to make her understand the working of corporate hospital as well as patient handling while sitting at the reception.With me at times it can be quite late before one is free from the OPD. So her cousin used to come and pick and take her home or PG where she used to stay.
Can't deny she was picking the things well.Had made friends at the help desk and nurses.She looked a 'shareef,siidhi saadhi,as I said Hizab covered girl.I was also protective about her as I felt her to be too innocent for our Gurgaon.
Now today she sent me a text.....Mam will be delayed.Will come by 11.30 am.I didn't like it as it hasn't been long since she has started working but then Ok.......Then after finishing the first half of my work at Max when I reached home she wasn't still there.Then around 12.30 she came to me and was crying.Crying at the tyranny of her parents.How she didn't wish to go to Bangalore and how her father was compelling her to come back home today itself .She was crying and constantly saying sorry to me.And then she got a call and I could see her anguish.She was requesting papa don't taking me back,I wish to work.I know you will not send me back.I offered to talk to the papa.A old man's voice came from the other end.Let her come for 3 days and then I will return her.Her mom is unwell.Emergencies don't come after informing and so on and so forth.And again this girl was papa no.
Well I asked her to sit at the office till papa actually came.An hour later I realized that she was missing.I said few bad words for her parents for making such a nice girl so upset.
During my evening OPD her cousin came to the hospital searching for her as she wasn't picking the phone.I blamed him as well for not being kind to the girl.
As the story unfolded........I was shocked to know that I was made to speak to some man who wasn't the PAPA.Original Papa called just now to tell that she was sent to Gurgaon so that she can be away from a boy from Bangalore and had never asked her to come back.He was talking to me for the first time.
It hit me like a she created a fake papa to make me believe her.God.Damn it.Who can one trust.At the moment his Cousin is searching the reservation list of Karnataka express at Delhi railway station to find if she is one of the passenger eloping with some one.Another theory is that her Bangalore friend has taken her to Bangalore already by flight...........A shattered father and mother,crazy going Cousin and bewildered employer i.e me......Kaushiki don't judge the book be it's cover........actually you don't.What happened this time? 

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