Monday, October 15, 2012

Should a pregnant Ladies husband be allowed inside the OT?

When I had my caesrean my masi Dr Shakti Bhan Khanna was the suregon ( Couldn't have asked for a more competent person,who can perform an internal iliacc artery ligation in seconds if needed),the anaesthetists were doctors whom I had been calling mama and masis since I was a child.And I was a qualified Gynaecologist.I felt like the whole family was there with me.It made me very much relaxed.I chatted with the anaesthetist as my boy was delivered.So over all a very nice experience.

Now imagine a Lady in labour,in one of the most vulnerable states of her life shifted to OT and surrounded by all men/women in green and blue.It must be little scary.Every one in rush to get the things done in order and meticulously.I have seen by my own eyes that once the husband is allowed in the become calmer and cooperate better.Even many scientific papers in pubmed recommend presence of the birthing partner during delivery.
In Uk it was kind of rule.Lady and her birthing partner would be present in LR as well as OR.After 4 years of mu Uk training when I returned back to me it was pretty cool if a husband wished to be inside the OT or LR.Then once my dear friend Dr Rohit Jaswal who was the anaesthesia HOD then,objected to it.He said that neither any other gynaecologist wishes to encourage this practice nor was he in favour of the partner being inside the OT.We discussed and on the basis of evidence I could prove my point and got the permission for my patient's partners.
Slowly others also had to agree as in the same hospital patient start asking about the dichotomy of behaviour and rules.
After so many months ,why am I talking about it?
There is this very nice OBGY Forum on FB where doctors were discussing the same issue.
Even now all the partners are most welcome inside but as long as they understand that they are allowed in to give the emotional support to the wife.Clicking a picture or two is Ok but if the doctor requests you not to do that please listen to him or her.Reason being your effort to get best angle might just distract the doctor from the operating field,which can be dangerous.
Even when it comes to caesareans many doctors feel conscious about letting the partner in.The doctor has a right to say no to you.You as a patient has a right to ask for letting you partner in.If it works fine that is great but if not it is your right to change your doctor just like it is the right of the doctor to say no to you if they don't like any intrusion in the OT.
If caesarean is done under GA then there is no sense anyways for the partner to be in as the wife would be knocked off and will not need any emotional support.
Many a times during non child birth surgeries partners whish to be present inside the OT.That serves no purpose because a lady under General anaesthesia won't need your support. 

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Shefali Tiwari said...

A really helpful post! So glad to know that you encourage and support this practice(under right circumstances ofcourse). I have been wondering about this since sometime. Good to know your views :)