Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The mystry of Ovarian Cyst

I love movies with happy endings.You might say,what is so special about it we all do!!As a child I used to enjoy all the horror movies and tear jerkers...........but not anymore.Don't watch such movies any longer.
But can't control the real life.It is a mixed bag.
So yesterday there was a young unmarried lady who I operated for a suspected Ovarian cancer but on putting the laparoscope turned out to be a dermoid. Histopathology is still awaited but the clinical sense says that she will have an happy ending.But not everyone is so lucky.
There are patients whom you never forget in your life for some reason or other.There was one such girl called Pooja.Many years back when I was a registrar ,almost 12 years to be precise.A girl around 20 yrs came to the OPD of my aunt Dr Shakti Bhan Khanna. An angelic looking girl.Her beautiful eyes were filled with tear as she gave her history.She told ,I have a swelling in my abdomen and my parents think I am pregnant while I have never been sexually active.We assured her that it was very easy to prove that she isn't pregnant.An ultrasound later it was found that she had dermoid cysts in her both ovaries.The girl was not sure whether to be be happy with a proven point that she isn't pregnant or to cry with ovarian cysts as the reason of her swelling.Her next visit was with her parents who were very tense.They were reassured that though she would need a surgery but dermoids are not so sinister after all.
And then she was operated.Beautiful Bilateral  cyst removal done.For some reason despite a beautiful surgery she had mild post operative ileus ( her guts were slow to recover and tolerate food).
Fine and finally came her histopathology report.It suggested 'immature teratoma',a variant of dermoid with borderline malignant potential.A frozen section was done at the time of surgery as tumour marker were normal and CT scan suggested a dermoid. It was sad.Then she underwent chemotherapy,lost her hair (though temporarily) .It was the beginning of my career and not used to such tragedies,I was also found it difficult to deal with.I am not sure what happened later as ever since I moved to so many places and didn't ask my aunt about Pooja's follow ups.Later on I came across and still continue to come across many other such stories with not so happy endings.......but Pooja is the one whom I will never forget and any young girl with ovarian cyst reminds me of her....always.

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Shefali Tiwari said...

Thanks for sharing mam! I really hope she is hearty and healthy now.