Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What are Leaders made of ?

On 6th of October there was an offsite organized by Max healthcare which was called clinical leader offsite.It was my good luck to be a part of it . Not because I was 'chosen' as one of the 'clinical leader'but because I could meet and see and observe some such great leaders closely.
          This is a general human tendency to dismiss a successful Industrialist or a politician or writer,as being 'you know it was because he/she was born with a golden spoon.His kismat was very good.He is cunning .He is corrupt...so on and so forth.

           It is not just Kismat or corruption.One has to be different from the crowd...... from the rest of us to be great.They are different.Working in the organisation since last 5 years I met Mr Analjeet Singh for the first time and heard him speak for the first time.It was an extempore speech which were basically answers to the questions put by the audience.I heard him and boy I was impressed.During 99 % of the speeches I fall asleep but I was mesmerized. He doesn't need my acknowledgement to be considered for what he is or who he is,but I think I gained a lot listening to him.Successful people are clear in their vision and thought and they are able to express it plain and simple to the audience.They dare to think different and they work hard,up to 16 to 18 hours a day and they have the capacity to convince you of their thoughts..

         Then it was the turn of Max MD Mr Rahul Khosla .He spoke two or three lines.And again ,you knew what he wanted to convey and he conveyed clearly in not many words.Here was a leader .....you knew.

        I am impressed......I wish to learn from people who are Leaders with their pluses and their minuses.Just searching for a person around my working place who is a leader and from whom I can imbibe some tips.........

But then I think such leaders are born and not made :-)

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