Saturday, November 10, 2012

Property' Pachda'

Of late I haven't got any inspiration to write a new post.To write a post I need to be inspired either with a positive experience or a negative one.These days I have become numb as well as dumb.Reason being a poor doctor trying to buy a property to live in.In the process I realized Arranging finances isn't the biggest problem.There are many more battles to be conquered.So , with sky rocketing prices of property in Gurgaon I thought of purchasing a property sold by a friend in order to save some money.So that left me with no broker.Now imagine working at hospital,running an OPD,operating,delivering,doing caesareans,I have so much to handle.
A call from the bank......God a never ending list of paper work.Call from Gaurav ,the bank rep.Fixing time with managers was a big problem.I am free only in anti social hours.After 9.30 or 10.Imagine.....the trouble of meeting the managers so late in the night.It is still going on.Am yet not over with it.
Now I have to sell a property to purchase this property.So just imagine the number of people involved.My buyer has to arrange loans and thus to complete my deal I am dependent on him.If he is stuck which he is at the moment currently....then I will also find me breaking my commitment to my seller.
My seller and his wife live out of even signing an ATS isn't so easy....needs coordination of presence of me,mom,seller and his wife.God save again after I meet you guys in OPD I try to fulfill these commitments in night after 10 pm.
A visit to deed Writer.Purchasing stamp paper for registry  .........carrying cash in Gurgaon.......I DIDN'T FEEL COMFORTABLE.Waiting list at SBI.Gurgaon civil court.Nexus of Property dealers.Cheque and cash etc and etc.
You are also numb ,I now I know.So that is what is happening I see you guys at the hospital,operate and then keep on coordinating with bankers,writers,property dealers,buyers and sellers......and that just finishes the day.
just praying that it gets over soon so that I am back to be the clinician I was before I started with this Property Pachda.....Waiting for the time when I will get time again to teach my son.To relax on sundays.

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