Thursday, December 20, 2012

Right of confidentiality

One of my Patient visited me recently for a follow up visit.I think she sounded quite satisfied with the overall experience she had under my care but at the end of consultation gave me two feedbacks

  • I should not have discussed her condition in front of her mother in Law
  • I should not have gone to Germany for an official commitment just before her due date.

In Indian setting family members are usually a part of the final decision taken regarding medical condition of a person.5years back when I returned from UK I was much more sensitive of these issues as confidentiality,patient should be told the condition first even if it is cancer,to keep a chaperon while examining a patient to avoid any complaint of sexual assault etc.In last 5 years I do realize that these issues got a little diluted.I did loose the focus.I apologised her for her first complaint as she was perfectly alright in complaining about telling her medical condition in presence of people she would not have liked to know about it.This particular incident has made me once again sensitive to these issues as I was 5 years back.Thanks for the feedback!!

second feedback......I was not impressed.I am a human being first and doctor later.I have my personal as well as non clinical official responsibilities including conferences,courses etc which I need to attend to keep myself updated with the latest in my field of work.Now what I agree is that if some one is my Patient, should not be left high and dry if I am out of town.It is more correct for pregnant Ladies.That is why as a responsible person, I have a team where consultant level Gynaecologists
help me out in taking care of my patients in my absence.I have my team member Dr Deepa Maheshwari and the blog regular are already familiar with the name of Dr veenu.They are consultant level gynaecologist delegated by me ( not my hospital) to take care of any Lady who goes in labour in my absence.Even in western countries no doctor is working 24 x 7/365 days a week.Doctors are much more frequently on vacation than India.So in future if I am away rest assured that there are competent doctors to take care of you and advice you but I can't be expected not to move out of Gurgaon at all.These doctors have been trained by me and thus the unit protocol still remains the same even in my absence.

BTW from 3rd jan to 6th jan and then 29th jan to 3rd feb I am out of India.

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