Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy New Year to me

So........more than half of January is already over.It has been quite good so far ,though a little hectic.
I am over joyed.......firstly my son got just over 92percentile in his DUKE TIP talent search test and has qualified for the scholarship.That too when I don't think I am able to give him much time.Secondly the very next day got a mail from our CEO Dr Ajay Bakshi's office for being selected the first ever.......Young clinical Performer of the Year at Max Hospital .A very nice initiative coming from the management to encourage the doctors for the work they do throughout the year.It felt good.And yes I do wish to share my joy with all of you.
That was the good part but I am stressed......Work in overdose,have to study for my interview at the Royal college of Australia and Zealand on 1st feb for my assessment to be compared to with their specialist and if I pass eventually to get an Australian Fellowship and need to vacate my ex flat which I sold about a month back.The current Landlord is going really impatient with me not being able to vacate it even after a month .Hope to be over and done with most of my stress by mid feb and a new year resolution......not to take any new ambitious project/target during rest of the year,though my mind is already full of many.
And in my next post will share my experience with a husband of pregnant Lady......a gentleman who genuinely believes that health care professionals are actually hounds or blood sucking vampires!!
BTW I am MRSA negative and have escaped muprocin application :-)

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