Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mixed bag updates

So today I am little less disappointed or should I say I am happy.........

The Lady with wound infection....removed her stitches yesterday and it has healed nicely.And not just that our infection control in charge Dr Geeta Arya got my nose swab collected today to rule out that I wasn't the one who is harbouring any MRSA infection in my nostrils.I hope not......otherwise it will mean 10days of muprocin ointment application in my nose and savlon soap(chlorhexidine soap) to bath with at least for a month!!

The lady with ongoing pregnancy......well well that turned out to be really interesting case.Yesterday her husband did question our administration if the termination of pregnancy was even ever done by me :-( ?? ( patients at times expect a 100% warranty from the doctors ......... We are humans after all!!)
That left me a little sullen.Had to explain him that it is a known complication that in 1 in 100 TOPs,there can be an ongoing pregnancy needing a repeat procedure ( Ref RCOG Guidelines on TOP).The wife still showed a lot of faith.Now today I did it under ultrasound guidance.And surprise,surprise.........It turned out to be a bicornuate uterus with pregnancy in the smaller horn .If there was any communication between the two horns it was not visible on the ultrasound scan.Called the husband inside the OT to have a look himself.And then started my ordeal.To negotiate the small horn containing the pregnancy.Somehow managed to make a false passage with the help of uterine dilators and slowly but steadily completed the procedure in an hour.The longest ever TOP conducted by me.But in the end did manage to complete the procedure.

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