Thursday, February 28, 2013

some Information for Users of Mediclaim of Government Insurance companies

Almost 12 to 13 years back Mediclaim in India meant companies like national Insurance,New India Insurance,Oriental insurance etc.
Many of us who had the fore site to get mediclaim done then started with these companies.Over the period of time there has been many changes in their policies.May be I am wrong but I feel them now less user friendly.They were having the maximum number of insurers ,so they almost arm twisted the corporate hospitals to make unreasonable packages.
The deal was in lieu of authorizing their insurance in any particular hospital the hospital had to agree the rates they wanted to be charged.That didn't decrease the premium of the insurer but the payout to the hospital was dropped drastically.So that the hospitals don't loose the business they agreed but it pinches and it pinches to everyone including doctors and hospitals as well.
The ultimate sufferer will be the insured person.Let me give an example.....3 years back from a single room deliver a doctor used to be paid 16000 - 30%
Then suddenly the hospitals  tied up with GIPSA package with these hospitals.So the payout of doctors fell down to 10300 -30 %
Now suddenly from Jan 2013 these government insurance companies thought that there was no inflation for the doctors and now the payout is 8800 -30% which is peanuts.

Now what happens is that after working hard for 24 hours for a delivery you don't expect to take home 5000 RS.Would have done better if I had a good hair cutting saloon.and there were no emergency hours involved as well.

And unfortunately in Gurgaon there are so many VIPS...VPs and CEOs and all of various companies.They expect a VVVIP treatment at hospital but don't realise that hospital can give them that ultra luxury only at a price which has been decreased so much by their companies that they no longer remain the VVVIP they perceive themselves to be.

In very near future I might be saying a no to patients who want me to be present personally at odd hours of night or day at the time of their delivery if their insurance company plans to pay us the GIPSA package or it will be my juniors who will conduct the deliveries or I will be compelled to charge the extra sum from the patient directly.

So the ultimate looser is the insurer.BTW I have changed my insurance from a nationalized company to a Private company ....surely at higher premium but then if I need a medical help it won't be so conditional. 

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