Thursday, March 21, 2013

What makes them special?

Just last month there was some meeting going on where I heard people commenting about slowly older doctors become redundant and how new talents are brought to take them over.It was little ruthless but yes a fact of life none the less.
And then I talked of my aunt Dr Shakti Bhan Khanna that how despite her age is still not redundant and Apollo hospital doesn't have her replacement.
And then as usual I mind wandered in between the meeting to think of Amitabh Bachchan.A person who has changed himself so much with the changing time.He is still so very relevant.I was his fan since I was infant.Watching his movies during school days used to be a treat.And then came his phase of transition.Lal Badshah and Jadugar etc.It looked like the end of a brilliant Carrer.Those movies were horrible.But that man.......he rediscovered himself.Not just acting if you follow his blog or follow him on FB or on can see the difference between him and a routine 70 years old.He keeps it interesting with rare pics,stories and messages which are socially relevant.for a person who had multiple abdominal surgery ,it is quite commendable how he still dances and does his stunts.He takes that special extra effort to look stylish.I know he or my masi are different.They are the 10 % who never become redundant.Pray to God to keep me in a good health till that age that I am able to emulate my idols.

Shakti Bhan Khanna

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cute baby of Gurgaon

Dear Friends,

Time to have some fun.I am sure all the new moms and not so new moms like taking pics of their babies and post it on Facebook.I invite all the Gurgaon Moms to post the pics on the following link on my Facebook Page.Let you and your friends decide the cute baby of Gurgaon.We have started the event from 18th March and will continue to receive the pictures till 18th April.
Winning the title is very simple.The baby with Maximum number of likes gets the gift hamper.There are three prizes.On 19th April I will declare the result and then at clinic Nirvana ,all the participants shall meet to have lots of fun ,frolic and Masti.!/events/153445884817750/

Cover photo

Sunday, March 3, 2013

When a doctor tells you to come to the emergency......

I was reading an online review of a doctor from a different hospital from a different speciality.The parents of a child thought the doctor to be inconsiderate and inhuman not to call them immediately to the place she was in night(I presume she was at her home as it says that she was trying to make her child sleep) rather than asked them to come to the emergency of the hospital she is affiliated to.To a parent whose child has been hurt it is the emergency of worst sort where emotion overpowers the emotion.
I guess you can relate to doctors in one aspect that they are human beings just like you and also get exhausted,tired,unwell,emotionally disturbed,have to take care of their household.Let me tell you my schedule and then you can may be understand why a doctor calls you to an emergency rather than attend all the emergency oneself.

My OPD at Hospital starts at 10 am and ends at 2pm i.e, 4 hours.In these 4 hours I have to see an average of 20 patients.And this involves a lot of talking and answering......and it isn't blabbering .It involves application of mind to understand your problem and find solutions for it. My one mistake can be quite crucial for you.Now this 2 pm is never 2 pm and gets extended to 3 pm or 3.30 pm.So that is when I am free to take my lunch.Now starts my OPD at my clinic from 5 to 8 pm where I see about 10 patients on an avg.Again a lot of talking.At anyone point of time there are on an average 3 patients in labour........which means calls at regular intervals from hospital regarding their management including in night time.Which also means that if Ladies deliver in night I will be in the hospital with each one of them.And being a gynaecologist I have elective surgery list for fibroids,endometriosis and other common Gynaecological problem.This is no exaggeration.
So now tell me if the doctor attends  and calls all the emergencies at home too, were there is no health care support available,do you think your doctor will be safe enough to take your or your child's care?

Everyday I get call from my call centre to inform me that there are patients who haven't got my appointment for that day and they would like to come in as walk in.Do you think after talking constantly for so many hours I would be able to do any justice to you if you walk in?Even I say if it is an emergency please walk in to the emergency and if it can wait then please take appointment on the next available day.I am working for you and not against you.

Now when you come in emergency of any hospital there is a system in place.The in house junior consultant who works in shift examines you and informs the concerned consultant.Your treatment and investigations are started on an emergency basis and based on the severity of emergency your consultant prioritises that how soon should she/he be present with you.If in case there are two emergencies who should be taken care first and who should get second priority.And believe me that is also the safe option for you.

I hope I have been able to give you a sneak preview of a doctors life and you can understand now that why doctor calls you to an emergency in case of an emergency!!

And before anyone just doubts if it is me writing such a long post.......yes it is me.Today I don't have a single patient in labour and not that I mind :-)

Friday, March 1, 2013


Off and on I keep on writing a post on Diabetes even though it isn't directly related to Women health.Why?It is a common and silent problem amongst Indians.We are prone to it.Unlike many other deadly disease if well taken care of it can very much be controlled with a healthy over all life.If you have a family history or if you are overweight or if you indulge in outside food,love alcohol and don't to smoke,thrive on stress,if you are over 30 (though age is no bar for it).....not a bad idea to get your HBA1C levels checked on atleast annual basis.
Recently had to terminate two pregnancies as the mothers had bad sugar control when they conceived which led to structural defects in the baby and thus sad terminations.They can have a healthy outcome in coming pregnancies provided they take control of their condition with the help of a diabetologist.