Friday, March 1, 2013


Off and on I keep on writing a post on Diabetes even though it isn't directly related to Women health.Why?It is a common and silent problem amongst Indians.We are prone to it.Unlike many other deadly disease if well taken care of it can very much be controlled with a healthy over all life.If you have a family history or if you are overweight or if you indulge in outside food,love alcohol and don't to smoke,thrive on stress,if you are over 30 (though age is no bar for it).....not a bad idea to get your HBA1C levels checked on atleast annual basis.
Recently had to terminate two pregnancies as the mothers had bad sugar control when they conceived which led to structural defects in the baby and thus sad terminations.They can have a healthy outcome in coming pregnancies provided they take control of their condition with the help of a diabetologist.

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