Thursday, March 21, 2013

What makes them special?

Just last month there was some meeting going on where I heard people commenting about slowly older doctors become redundant and how new talents are brought to take them over.It was little ruthless but yes a fact of life none the less.
And then I talked of my aunt Dr Shakti Bhan Khanna that how despite her age is still not redundant and Apollo hospital doesn't have her replacement.
And then as usual I mind wandered in between the meeting to think of Amitabh Bachchan.A person who has changed himself so much with the changing time.He is still so very relevant.I was his fan since I was infant.Watching his movies during school days used to be a treat.And then came his phase of transition.Lal Badshah and Jadugar etc.It looked like the end of a brilliant Carrer.Those movies were horrible.But that man.......he rediscovered himself.Not just acting if you follow his blog or follow him on FB or on can see the difference between him and a routine 70 years old.He keeps it interesting with rare pics,stories and messages which are socially relevant.for a person who had multiple abdominal surgery ,it is quite commendable how he still dances and does his stunts.He takes that special extra effort to look stylish.I know he or my masi are different.They are the 10 % who never become redundant.Pray to God to keep me in a good health till that age that I am able to emulate my idols.

Shakti Bhan Khanna

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