Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New begining

More than three months of dilemma and I realise I lack the quality to be cut throat required to reach the top.I will never reach the top of a corporate ladder and I am a mere clinician .But then I think that is what I was trained to be .
To all my friends whom I told that I am moving to another hospital as the departmental Head,I am not.I am very much at Max Hospital Gurgaon.It has been a stressful 4 to 5 weeks of thinking and rethinking and logic and counter logic and ultimately it was my emotions which got  better of any logic.There were people at Max Hospital who I value more than my gains.............. It is perhaps stupidity.And as few of you thought I had a counter offer.No there was none.I am still the unit head with no financial gains as one would like to believe.I know in bargain I have made a few people unhappy.Have not been at my best possible behaviour with few friends.But then you can't keep everyone happy. .
The decision to leave one hospital from another would be so difficult,I never thought so.I wonder how doctors switch over so fast from one institution to another and with so much of ease.Maybe I made a mountain of a mole hill.Anyways I am still where I was.......at clinic Nirvana and Max Hospital ,Gurgaon.

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Ruchika said...

It is so gud to know that mam. I respect u a lot for dat.