Sunday, April 21, 2013

God.....the indirect evidence

This post is not about health,Not about women.But I still feel an urge to share it with you.Yesterday night at around 2 am I returned home after finishing an emergency surgery.Tried to sleep but couldn't .Was feeling thirsty.I had a bottle of water just next to my bed.But then I thought I will walk down to the fridge to have some chilled water.And I walked down towards the kitchen.From the light which came out of the aquarium tube light I could see something on the ground.I was groggy.....half asleep.Still I put the light on in the living area.I thought I saw a rubber toy,shaped like a big Fish.With a new puppy at home ,I thought may be my mom has got him a soft toy to chew.And then i thought I was hallucinating.Looked like the mouth of the rubber fish was opening and closing very gently.In those few seconds I thought too much and too fast.I looked at the aquarium where the fishes were moving in.And then I realised that it wasn't hallucination.....the mouth of the toy was shallow gasps before one is dying.But this fish was at least 4 feet away from the was the fish who had jumped out of the aquarium and was having her last few breaths.Being a pucca vegetarian it was difficult for me to hold the fish,but if I didn't put it to water it had no chance at all.And I held it on a news paper and just threw inside the tank.It moved and then sank to the bottom of the aquarium.It started to breathe.......very hard and very strained.It's fins looked all dried and shrivelled up.I thought it won't make it.I thought it was a dream.Called my husband to confirm what I had just seen and done.
In the morning when I got up I expected it to be dead.But looked better.Definitely unwell but not dead.Slowly over the day it improved and is almost 50 to 60 % of it's normal.
Do you have an the fish came out of aquarium.........What made me have the urge to have cold water from fridge while mostly I don't bother in night.How I reached just when the fish was having it's last few breathes and the body was not at all moving?What stopped the puppy to follow me(who otherwise would not have left the fish)at the point of time.Just like Life of pi I got an indirect evidence of God..........We are nothing.It is he who decides who will we were doing what and also the outcome.The fish could have died even after being put in the aquarium.But he choose to make it live.Amazing.......though a small incident,it has touched me from deep within.

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