Friday, April 12, 2013

NIFTY(Non invasive foetal Trisomy Test)

I am excited to share some recent advancement in the management of Pregnant Ladies,particularly those who wish to become mother at a later age.
The biggest fear of these mothers are 'I hope my baby doesn't have Down Syndrome'.
Till now the options available were screening tests ( Level 1 scan and Double Marker and quadruple Marker).A serum integrated test was considered the best screening test.But it has it's pit falls.There is a possibility of false negative as well as positive.
So the confirmatory test used to be invasive Chorionic Villi Sampling or amniocentesis which was a major cause of concern of these Ladies as these procedures can lead to miscarriage or infection.
NIFTY (Non Invasive Foetal Trisomy test) a new test and still under trial seems to be coming up as a very good,practical and safe solution for confirming the Downs syndrome.It has a false positive value of less than 1 %.It can be done from 2mls of mothers blood.The test works on the basis of identifying foetal cell in the maternal blood and process it.
At the moment the test can be done in Hongkong,Dubai and Germany.But if you are an Indian who unfortunately needs this test,the sample can be sent to Hong Kong.

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