Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Being Doctor is a huge responsibilty

For almost over a month I have been thinking to speak out on this topic.It is the sensitive nature of the topic which prevented me from writing down the post.I will have to choose my words carefully.Don't wish to come out as a traitor trying to spill the inside beans ........but my inner has pushed me a little too hard and I think,a small post on this topic won't to any harm.
As doctors we are dealing with human life.Just like anyone else we are also prone to errors and complications in our profession.Just that our margin of error is very low.It can lead to a botched up life of somebody.Now should all the doctors be crucified for a complication?Are all of them incompetent or negligent who have a complication in a patient.The answer is No.Despite our best attempts we might at time have complications in surgery/delivery/Cesarean etc.
Now suppose you have been visiting to a doctor with very good references and word of mouth or Internet reviews support the person.You end up with a complication( Which at times can be life threatening and landing you in ICU).Your doctor either himself or herself or with the help of other senior doctors manages your complication or at times partially manages the complication.Comes out of OT and tells you......It was a complicated Surgery.Let us see what happens.......few days later patient is out of danger.How do you know that it was a really complicated surgery or the doctor botched up?Unfortunately as a lay person you would never know.If I were not a doctor even I can't differentiate between a genuine complication despite doctors competence and one due to lack of competence.
Many times doctors who are very good in their field after a single complication derive a bad name which they don't deserve and at times case after case with a good communication skill and helpful colleagues keep on performing the so called 'difficult complicated' surgery.They are unsafe doctors.In a system like can't thrive with such practice.General medical council is very stringent in these matters and such a doctor would be sent for retraining.What happens in India........Well you have a good practice,so you are a revenue generator.There are a whole bunch of people to hide your incompetence.And so what never try to improve.
Are such doctors at fault?May be they are up to a certain extent but then it is our system which encourages mediocrities.
Though I wish to speak more.........but won't be able to speak any further.It is the system and even I have to survive in it.But yes,it would be a request to all the health care professionals as well as to my self.....self audit.And if you think you can do more harm,take help and that too in time.  
As a patient.......Please just don't go by internet reviews (including mine).Try to find the credentials of the person.Try to find the educational qualifications.Not every surgeon is the same.Not every Gynaecologist is the same.Not every urologist is the same.Not evry orthopaedician is the same.Not every cardiologist is the same.If you look carefully you can see a difference in their qualification.Try to find who was trained where.An Mch Surgeon is more qualified than a DNB/fellow.If the same person has Mch as well as DNB.Fellowship,that is different.Diploma in a subject is nor same as the degree. I am sure..........for your own health you can do a little bit of research.
In various sites I find people asking if the doctor talks nicely,gives time in the OPD,picks the phone,has delivered a celebrity.........but I have never seen anyone of you concerned about the real stuff ------Qualification and competence !! so think next time you visit a doctor.

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Anonymous said...

And we must tell u that u r doing a wonderful job . The way i build relationships woth your pateints is commendable as it helps them ease there problems . If a doc listens to his/her pateint with a smile on her face gives so much reassurance that we will ne fine.No doubt neing a doctor is a huge responsibility n u r fullfiling dat responsibility 200%..
Glad to hv u arnd doc.