Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting your fibroids treated in Gurgaon

Today I am talking specifically about you and me.It isn't a vague ,beating around the bush blog.You have a condition and I know I can treat you well.Let us try to talk it out.
Fibroids are the commonest non cancerous tumour in Women of child bearing age.Majority of time it doesn't need any active treatment and keeps on growing inside our body without any problem.
But at times it can cause you symptoms.Symptoms like
heavy bleeding not corrected by medicine
Painful periods
Pressure in pelvis and difficulty in pee and poo.
That means your fibroid has become symptomatic and it needs my intervention.So here is Dr kaushiki Dwivedee the Lead consultant laparoscopic Gynaecologist,Max Hospital,Gurgon at your service.We have got various options.If you wish to preserve your uterus a Laparoscopic Myomectomy is the answer.If you have completed your family even a 4 kgs fibroid can be removed Laparoscopically(TLH) be me.
Unfortunately Max Hospital has been so far associated with deliveries,but it can give you much more,just you need to know the correct specialists.


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