Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Midwives in a system........such a boon

I come across so many expectant couples everyday.All of them are so excited.They wish me to talk with them.When I say talk with them,not just about the science and skills of Pregnancy,labour,delivery etc.but to talk and share how they are feeling.Their happiness,their excitement.Few good words for the baby who is still in the womb.To tell how their baby is different from the rest.Use some pampering words for the Lady.....sweety,darling,love etc......It does make a difference.It makes them feel positive.But unfortunately the training of us doctors is very matter of fact.You find that 'all is well'.Convey so.Listen the query,give a scientific answer.I have realised that it makes the couples feel good but the lady wishes much more.The husband knows that he can just hear baby's heartbeat but would loom over your head,just in case you can show if something.
And it is all so very nice and cute.There is were comes the role of midwives.They are well read.They know the obstetrics and at the same time they fulfill the lacuna in social communication left by the specialist doctor.they Pamper the her strong support,feels her wanted,visits even her home if needed.They share their problems much more with the midwives rather than doctor.May be they see them as their friends
Unfortunately in Indian system,we don't have a well defined role for midwife.A doctor doubles up as both.They result is never the same .A overburdened doctor cuts a very sorry figure as even more tired  midwife.May be our health system needs a drastic change......change for the good!!

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