Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thanks to my patients

This post is dedicated to you Priyanka ( if you are reading the post) and to many other such patients who have 'tolerated' me months and years all together,have shown their immense faith and continued to come back to me as a doctor.
Yesterday I was little upset as two of my old patient's decided to go to Fortis Memorial Hospital to deliver for the Glitz and the Glamour of the place.I don't blame them but it did hurt as you know you have done your best as a doctor,given them your time ( ofcourse they have paid me the consultation fees) and they even like you as a doctor but then they still decided to move on.
And then I came across priyanka who now is very close to her date of delivery.Realised she has been visiting me from her 4 weeks of pregnancy and has been so trusting and low profile that I didn't even realise that she was coming to me for so long.And I it gave me immense happiness......I just asked you have been tolerating me for a while now.And her husband sister delivered under your care.There was so much faith and trust in his voice.He had made my day.I had forgotten the disappointment the remaining two patients had caused.For this couple I was more important than any hospital :-)
And then I realised that I have many such patients who have been associated with for last 6 years ( since I started my practice).Who come to me for their smallest problem and I take them fore granted ( not actually).What I mean to say is that I never valued that trust,the faith and reliance shown by them,They had so many options but still they have been following me.
I thank all of you for the immense faith shown in me and it a a genuine heartfelt thanks!!
As I am typing these words so many names and faces I can think of,who deserve this thanks.
Recently I did something which I think was probably not the best thing to do.There is a saloon in DLF phase 1 which I visit for my hair cuts etc.The staff is well behaved,know their job and even go out of their way to keep me happy as a client.And recently I visited them without an appointment to get my son's hair cut,demanded for a particular stylist and when they said that I had to wait 30 minutes,I left the place and went to a new saloon.......just because I didn't wish to wait.They did a good job too but I felt guilty somewhere.There has to be a strong reason to change loyalities.
In today's fast pace world loyality probably is not the biggest virtue but then it is virtue none the less.
So thanks once again to all those who have tolerated me so far and continue to do so...........................   


Anonymous said...

M glad that I am one of those lucky patients who got ur guidance n support during my pregnancy and further. Hope this relationship will maintain in future too.
The time when I was going through the traumatic phase in my pregnancy you were the only light tht showed me hope. All went well, in 2011 , I delivered my beautiful daughter normally under ur supervision.
From that day you were next to God for me n my family.

Anonymous said...

Its gauri..

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Thanks Gauri...

Ankita Bothra said...

Doc it maybe b difficult for u to recognize each of ur pateint but we remember u daily n discuss hw u made things luk so easy for us n stood as rock solid support.i also visited u frm the day one of my 9mnth journey n till d end we hv only built in d trust.On my delivery day u were no less than a god to me who suddendly came in to see me n delivered my doll so quickly.:)) despite my situation being sensitive.
hats off n we love u doc..
Ankita Bothra

Anonymous said...

I might be one of many of your patients, but for us you were the one who handed me my little baby girl on the 17th of dec 2011. Thank you Dr. Dwivedee

Best Wishes,

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

I surely remember you Pousumi.I remember your comment of being 'non fussy doctor' :-)

Anonymous said...

It feels great that you think so much about your patients.

I am pleased to have you as my doctor

Thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Doctor its no where tolerating you... its our faith, respect and definitely your charisma that glues us to you.

As i had said earlier to you Patients are with you for and not because of any hosputal you are assiciated to.

whereever you go we will follow..

loads of love and regards,