Monday, December 16, 2013

Big Boss

So like many of you I am a big fan of big boss.Certain people call it third rate show.My sister in law Aditi Mohan is one such person,who finds me a'cheapda' for the same.And strangely this is the only show which I watch on television.
Why do I like it,I don't know.May be it is a teacher.If you look at the show closely there is myriad of human emotions........some fake and some genuine.You also see the best of sacrifices and the worst of bitching.People lie to each other as if water flowing out from a running tap.
All of us develop sympathy for certain contestsnts.Have you noticed usually who are they?
Either bitchy but strong human beings or some one benign.
In the current show I think Sangram singh should be the winner.Reasons are many.
He has stayed away from most of the fights.
He most of the time tries to fire fight.
On occasions where Arman Kohli fought with him,he was still so controlled.
Not just that he rarely bad mouths other contestants unless /until provoked.
He is busy in his yoga.
He has been a true friend to his friend Andy.
Also I have learnt a few lessons from him.On very rare occasions I have bad mouthed a couple of doctors in front of my was wrong and unethical.Mostly I try not to talk bad of my colleagues.(though my colleagues are free to bad mouth me as much a they want :-)
Secondly at times I become catty while chatting  with friends of different speciality I do make fun of my other department mates.After Sangram singh.A Big No to it too.

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