Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

When I read the green top guideline on Breast cancer in pregnancy few years back,I read it as it is my habit to read any new green top guideline.Never thought that will need to use it ever in life.May be I was trying to be too optimistic.
Without going in the details of the patient and her condition,wish to write this blogpost for gynaecologist if anyone of you are reading this post.The RCOG guideline is very good.Read it.It will help you in managing such a complicated pregnancy better.
There is no need to deliver the foetus immediately if in late second or early third trimester.Let the surgeons proceed with Lumpectomy or Mastectomy as they consider appropriate.Then wait the foetus to reach upto atleast 34 weeks and if possible even 37 weeks if tumour isn't very malignant.Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can follow later,after the baby has been delivered. In my patient's case it is quite a malignant variety and I am aming to reach 34 weeks only.
Scary!!Her malignancy was diagnosed just by chance at 35years,first pregnancy!!Not fair at all.

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