Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gurgaon Stab Victims

Recently there were two incidents of stabbing where four robbers entered inside the houses of a Lawyer and an Architect.The Architect's wife is also a Lawyer.Both the incidents were unfortunate and should be condemned.Fortunately no lives were lost.

So in the second incident the robbers entered the house,didn't find much at home  and that infuriated them further which lead to insensible stabbing of the Architect's family........his lawyer wife and his mom and dad.

Now the Architect wasn't stabbed and brought his family to a private hospital for treatment.They did get timely treatment.All the three underwent major surgeries and the Surgeon saved all the three after operating continuously for many hours. Just after two days of the incident the Lawyer( wife of the Architect) has been discharged today.

So now the question is that why am I mentioning it on a health blog.It should be on a crime blog.Actually it should be there.But unless I mention the rest of the story ,no one would no the complete story.

Today when the Lady was being discharged,a group of lawyers entered the hospital.Demanded some discount ...........When it was told to them that as it wasn't a government hospital but a private hospital which the victims knew from the beginning,the mob threatened to burn the hospital.A group of well educated Lawyers.So they did manage to get discount.But is there any difference between the behaviour of the robbers and a mob who threatens to burn a hospital if the bill wasn't discounted?

This crime is no heinous than what the robbers did.Trying to burn a hospital full of patients to get a petty discount that too by Lawyers :-)

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