Sunday, March 9, 2014


Have written so many times about this condition.One of the bad ones to have and the number of women coming with endometriosis is just increasing in leaps and bounds.
Endometriosis is a condition where there is spillage of blood in the abdominal cavity during periods.And over the period of time it becomes a painful condition with painful period,painful sex,heavy periods sometime even painful passage of stool.It compromises even the fertility.
               The treatment of endometriosis is unsatisfactory or drastic.There is nothing in between.Removal of cysts or removal of adhesion means that 75% of the women will have the symptoms back in 5 years unless the ovaries as well as uterus is removed along with.
                 Medical management can be in the form of Oral contraceptive pills,Injections called Zoladex, Mirena etc All these agents either stop the periods temporarily or lighten it,But once stopped there is bound to be recurrence.
                 The surgery for endometriosis needs special skills and should be performed by expert laparoscopic surgeon as there is a possibility of a bowel or bladder injury if they are badly stuck.

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