Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hterotrophic Pregnancy can be tricky

Am back to my domain,where I can write to my hearts content.What I feel about and what I consider true.
I had taken a small break from blogging as well as vlogging.Needed to feel the need to communicate with the world.Need to expose my thought,which were as true as I could express but did hurt few..

Few days back a you female had come to me. Hassled .She said, she have the most complex story and my exact words were, let me know how complex can it get?
Due to some gynaecological problem she was operated in past which affected her fallopian tube.She reached the IVF specialist for conception. And happily conceived twins. Then unfortunately she miscarried twins in second trimester due to incompetent cervix.

After a while she again went to the same set of doctors.This time IVF with singelton pregnancy.It was heterotrophic pregnancy this time.A pregnancy in tube and pregnancy in uterus. So now what to do? Her Gynaecologist-IVF specialist team assured her that the tubal pregnancy looked a vascular, won't rupture and thus no surgery wasn't needed.

A person knows in her heart of heart the correct answer. She knew it needed surgery to remove the fallopian tube and perform the OS tigehtinig in the same go. She came to me for second opinion and my opinion was to get rid of ectopic pregnancy surgically and tighten the mouth of the womb. Probably she didn't like my solution. After all I had suggested surgery.

I am considered "daring surgeon"which I am not.I am just practical surgeon who can see things which can happen after an year or may be 10 years.I told her that her ectopic pregnancy will rupture if she carries on.She didn't come back to me.I wished her to be operated. I felt 'point proven and sorry both. Almost 14 days later she was in the hospital with ruptured ectopic 'and blood all over in the abdomen. A team of general surgeon and 3 to 4 gynaecologist fixed her problem combined together which could have been done in one go that very day.

Yes I do feel at times : see I said so and my clinical sense isn't bad !!