Friday, April 25, 2014

Cold and cough in pregnancy

Have you ever felt irritated if your Gynaecologist asks you to refer a physician if you ask for medicines for cold and flu while pregnant.I am sure many of you would relate to this situation.You might feel after all,it is just a flu.Why can't the doctor just tell me antibiotic and cough syrup telephonically.There is a specific reason to that.

While you are not pregnant,naturally you would visit a physician or GP who would get you investigated properly and then prescribe medicine as appropriate.While pregnant if you get a Viral infection,it might be a simple viral infection with no implication on the foetus or actually the viral infection might be sinister enough to cause problem to the foetus.Unless properly investigated acute problems can be missed.

Majority of times say 98% times it would be simple beingn virus but what happens then on the rest of two occassions. It might actually be something more serious.So why take a chance ?

I have mentioned in one of the posts about hydrops foetalis in a foetus.After detailed investigation it was found that the mother had got infected with a condition called cytomegalovirus which is transferred to the foetus as well.This cytomegalovirus usually either doesn't have a symptom or leads to chronic cough.In her case she had chronic cough and I did ask her to meet a physician or ENT specialist.Poor thing met the physician/ENT specialist as well but as CMV is such an uncommon condition it wasn't picked up and even if it was picked there is no treatment.It could be diagnosed only after the autopsy of the foetus.Sad it is.They are heart broken.Unfortunate !!

Another patient visited with chronic cough.Again asked them to meet a physician.I don't treat these non obstetric conditions myself as I am not the correct person to do so.They were luckier.The physician got an ultrasound of lung done and found fluid collected around the lung.The fluid was drained and now she is on quite strong antibiotics.Fortunately her condition isn't what will affect the baby.

So next time if your Obstetrician asks you to meet a physician for just a small 'flu',do so.It actually might be more than just a mere flu.

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