Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why doctors leave you confused?

I think of late my favourite topic has been patient doctor relationship.The most probable reason is probably an accusation made by a Woman ,doing media rounds, which other unsatisfied patients have quoted off and on whenever they wish to make me come across as a negligent doctor. It hurts as there was no negligence of mine anywhere. I will give the answer i.e , the way it should be given legally.

I have still kept a silence on this issue ,due to two reasons

one : the matter is under investigation
Second : Patient's confidentiality. I don't wish to go on a social media commenting about an unmarried woman which mars her future life  if I speak the total truth. But yes false allegations or rather half told truths become difficult to handle at times,when you wish to speak out loud but you can't as of now.

Once sorted ,I promise to come clear on this story, how it affected me and my colleagues who where implicated ,the media, the hospitals, doctors, nurses and also the friends, patients and relatives who have been immense support.( I dream of becoming a Chetan turned author :-)

It is a fact that I am a changed person.Not the same young enthusiast doctor who started practice seven years back.A stronger and wiser person but I  now strongly believes in defensive practice.First save yourself and then see what you can do for others.The number of investigations prescribed have gone up a little.I know there is always a risk as doctor can never be correct.If you don't write too many investigations,the allegation would be:doctor under investigated.And God forbid if things go wrong-----Doctor is Lynched.The allegation would be,we never stopped from getting investigated.
If you try to be defensive and get investigated,then of course,you are getting the patient over investigated then it is to make 'money'  from cuts and kickbacks.

A difficult situation indeed as a doctor. This isn't just my frustration but majority of the doctors feel the same and it is a matter of frequent discussion between doctors at the lunch time. SAVE YOURSELF FIRST. 

If you think me,I am the only one thinking so, then you a mistaken. Let me tell you a very recent incident. A young couple came to me.The Lady had early pregnancy.Had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which was now under control.They had visited the Gynaecology department of a famous hospitalThe senior doctor clearly declined to help hem out in taking any decision regarding whether to continue or not to continue with the pregnancy as the TSH was high. She told them clearly to take their own decision. The couple questioned that they were lay person after all and needed medical opinion.And the answer was ,take your own decision.That is a different issue that endocrinologist at Medanata,one more gynaecologist from Fortis and myself helped them take a decision but yes our answers were also guarded too.


So Why did that senior doctor of a great Super specality hospital declined to help that couple.She saved her skin.She would not have got any brownie points to take the decision for that couple but a rare possibility of the baby having mental retardation would been a cause of litigation.Who wants it?

I am sure the couple who shared this story with me must be reading my post.Do you agree,it was confusing or rather highly confusing and stressful to take the decision of your own. was any google search helping out??.

Me as a single person can't stop anyone's thought process by writing my blog. But surely I can try before you start loosing good doctors who are burnt out of stress turning into a writer, businessman ,politicians  and administrators etc. I can surely see a crashing healthcare system in India where you will have mediocre students opting for medicine. We are not even a rich country who can get overseas doctor to fulfill our  health sector needs.


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