Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It is same everywhere......Cost cutting

On a busy saturday one of by patient came to meet me.She has been a regular since 5 to 6 years now.Probably the very few patients I had in my initial months of joining the Max Hospital,Gurgaon.
Quite a jovial couple.And in her 1st pregnancy her husband and I would joke on all the possible family myths.What his dad said and what her mom said and so on and so forth and thus 40 weeks were over and she delivery a bonny baby boy.

Then we met in between as well ........for various small issues.

Now Pregnant again we were talking about her pregnancy and the working condition etc.Her husband is a senior banker and I was surprised to know the kind of conditions in which the bankers are working due to cost cutting,internal politics and other corporate issues and heavy load of demanding clients.It sounded so similar to our organisation and myself.

I was shocked and then reassured myself that this cost cutting hasn't just affected the healthcare system.I can't deny that.

Overall the mantra is make the employee work as much as possible (numbers) and before he starts to settle down unsettle him.This cost cutting leads to inefficient or over exerted front desk staff,guard,nurses,doctors (Not talking just about my hospital but is a trend every where).Mediocrity is encouraged as some one with more intellect would demand more.

Ultimately came to know that many bankers have become resto owners as couldn't cope up with the pressure of the job they were trained for.

Hmmmm.........He showed me a vision...........if bored or tired open a Dhabba!!

Thinking the menu already