Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A short Break

Dear Friends,

Life is Change and change for good.Stagnation isn't acceptable to me.....I felt I was stagnating and to further my skills,training,academics and teaching I have taken a break from my private Practice at Gurgaon.
I am moving abroad for an year to further my skills and to complete my Fellowship from Australia.I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to all my patients who have given me their immense love and made me what I am today.
I promise I will be back.Back as a better doctor and better human being.
In the meantime I can suggest you few doctors whom I find ethical and Good in no particular order.

Dr Deepa Maheshwari - Max Hospital ,Gurgaon.
Dr Veena Bhat - Artemis
Dr Urvashi Rathee - Artemis

For the time being the Blog will be taken care of my other adminstrators and not me( That is the requiement of my current job)

See you all soon......Miss you.