Sunday, August 9, 2015


It has been more than an year.......Yup I didn't blog.I didn't contributed anything to my blog....simply I was and am committed not to write on health issues as I represemt Queensland health and what I say has to be endorsed by a peer reviewed group.Fair enough.So I decide to write on non health related issues,which doesn't need any review.

So On came from my my 12 months ( or rather 14 months) I have worked satisfactorly as a specalist in Australia to be a Fellow of the prestigeous RANZCOG.Was chasing this dream too since 2006.Dreams are meant to be chased and fulfilled.

Sounds resonable MD,MRCOG.FRANZCOG .Will be a FRCOG in couple of years hope fully....need to complete the stipulated years post MRCOG.

Life in Australia was a mixed back Initial 3 months.........tedious........a lifestyle very different to what i was used to.But it grew on me  slowly and I love it.Now I know why it is known for the perfect balance of lifestyle.I love most of the things about this country.WHAT
I don't like I will leave for another day.

It has been a beautiful journey........was able to discover me..........many facets of life and also there is much more to life than rat race.